My love of French Fries put me on a quest to find the Best french fries in the world. I know it is too ambitious but… Here is how I will do. I will eat french fries everywhere I go. I will evaluate them according to the scale that I have created to find best french fries. Then I will post the evaluation remarks, photos and some information about the place and of course their BFFS ( Best French Fries Score).

Here is how BFFS  is calculated:
There will be 5 categories:
a. Appearance
b. Ingredients (Potato Type, Oil used for cooking, additional herbs, spices used)
c. Doneness
d. Cooking Technique
e. Taste

For each category, I will give 0 – 5 points. So The best of the best will get 25 points.

Next step is potatoes. Try to understand which makes the best fries.

Now jump on to Potatoes.